About Me

Emmett CookeEmmett Cooke is an Irish composer for film & TV whose music has been heard around the world on a wide range of TV channels including CBS, ABC, BBC, The History Channel, The Biography Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, ESPN and much more. His tracks have been licensed by multiple high end companies including Ralph Lauren, Sony Playstation, NBA, The Obama Adminstration, Peter Mark, Hiscox Insurance and many more.

Emmett is well known for his style of minimal piano music, but also writes in a variety of other, quite distant styles too including cinematic underscore, corporate, pop, rock and EDM. His elegant and subtle piano music has been compared in style to Philip Glass, yet has its own unique “pulsing” edge to it, giving it a unique and instantly recognisable sound.

Emmett studied a BA Music in Waterford Institute of Technology, along with a Specialist Certificate in Orchestration for Film & TV from Berklee College of Music. He currently resides in Waterford and works closely with advertising and production agencies in Ireland and the US on a selection of projects. He is currently available for work.

A selection of the different styles of music I create